February 22, 2011

Minstrel's Song

I wasn't going to do it....but for my first post I am posting my poem titled Minstrel's Song ....please be kind.

I wrote it trying to connect the spaces. The spaces between my poems...there was a time when words poured on the page effortlessly..why?  Was it being young and not afraid of honesty? Was it an actual Muse that I allowed to listen to....maybe a combinition of both.

My intention of this blog is to shed some light in the world of poetry, verse, prose, and song.  Poets are all around us. Words and poems are everywhere too; this blog will be a mixture of all of this. I will write about poets their poems. I will look for inspiration in words and songs. I want to write again and hopefully  I will allow my soul to sing her song!!!!! 
Ladies and Gentlemen:  Minstel's Song

Minstrels Song

My poet, etched words in my heart, sedated my soul.  One day the verses were lost and she was gone.  My silent heart cries for my empty soul.

A long time ago, in a dream a gift was revealed to me.  He came to me and announced my talent.  I did not listen.  Years have past and everything is hidden. I try to go forward but the past beckons me to confront it.

Muse was there and heard the hatred.  Poet knew of my confusion.  With words my soul was caressed.  With rhyme my heart had forgiven.  My gift healed and expressions fulfilled.

Today I write and it is not the same. Phrases are not given to me so easily, for when I turned my back on poet. My essence was taken from me.

I want poet
 back in my empty heart. I know it’s where she belongs. I know I can’t go forward  with out my muse. It’s my purpose to sing the minstrels song.

By Marisa Bernhard