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  I love to write.  "The Minstrel's Song” is actually the title of a poem that I wrote, many years ago.  Yes, I write poetry, I also write stories actually I jot the beginnings, and the middle of tales any where I can.  I have notes in notebooks and on my computer, as well as  I scribble ideas and thoughts on pieces of papers on my desk, in my purse, or in my pocket; lately I have written words on pieces of scrap papers that are tucked in my eyeglass case..

I wrote poems for many years, since I can remember probably since I was 7 years old.  Some are on my computer, some written on the many marble notebooks that I have accumulated through-out the years.  Then there are the poems that I lost and sadly misplaced.  I sometimes feel that my days of words and rhyme are behind me; although some of my more recent verses come from a place of sadness I think it’s because for sometime I have felt and lived with a grief, a sadness that I had to come to terms with. Some days it is resolved and some days it is not.  Muse always visits me on the gloomy days and yet the gloomy days are far and few….and so are the visits.

My world has changed drastically in the past 2 and half years, after being on my own for a quarter of a century I opened my heart and home to two children now 10 and 11 and happily my husband and I adopted them in the Spring of  2010.  Everything is different now as is the future before me.  These days gloom replaces fear; and guilt becomes its sidekick.

 I thought that maybe I could write about becoming a mom to two children and the new future that is ahead of me….perhaps in time.  Truthfully, I am not ready to share this adventure at this time.  Maybe because it is all so new; even after 2 ½ years; and I need to be in it and experience it I guess process it all.   

A friend posted on Facebook a u-tube video of a 3 year old boy who recited a poem called Litany by Billy Collins.  Which by the way when I come across these kinds of things I am intrigued and curious that I need to educate myself.  Therefore, I googled Billy Collins and found to this website http://www.poets.org/ with so many well-known Poets and their poems.  I realized that while I love to write poems. I am not knowledgeable about this part of the literary world.    Yes, I know some names and some of their poetry but how much do really know …this blog is designed to educate myself, while doing this I hope to inform you the reader and share with you my own poetry as well.  Please enjoy and join me in the wonderful world of verse, rhyme and prose.



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