January 28, 2012


By Marisa Bernhard

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!
I prayed to you … I prayed to her some time ago!  I asked for your blessing.
I asked her for a miracle. My prayers forgo!  I cried for years … the tears filled my soul.
I am empty inside; I grieve for the love my heartaches!  How could you say no?
I am angry and enraged!  My worth trodden. Can it get any worse?
I think I could be losing everything! Please end this curse!
I cannot ask again.  It befalls insane.
You, She, He & Devine, have heard my pleas.
My words harsh, at times my tongue incensed.
Do I ask for your pardon?  I do not know…  I am hurt and troubled.
My heart broken, my spirit absent, all my beliefs lost.
My petition silent … it fills the vacant space in my heart.
It is there for you to find.
I say nothing, I sigh my prayer without a sound.
Amen…So Be It!

Going Forward

Minstrel’s Song is a poem I wrote many years ago; it came about after a dream I had. My first intent for this blog was to acquaint myself or gain knowledge with poetry by displaying poetry or quotes that mean something to me. Learn from poets and display their work. For some time I have been receiving a poem of the day to my email; I read it yet I don't have the drive to dissect it and figure out what was the poets purpose. Another plan was to expose the world of poetry and hopefully in the process gain some literacy knowledge to share. I thought by doing this I would feed my soul- a soul who is desperately asking for help. Recently I received some messages from a variety of sources - magazines, TV, and daily reflections. And the truth is that I need to share my own poems as well as write and create. If I don't create I destroy. Sounds quite dramatic but I hear her pleads, whispers that fill my mind with worries, regrets, anger and mainly fear. Because of this I decided that Minstrel’s Song will be the home of my poetry I will share with you what I create.  I hope you enjoy!