January 21, 2013

Their Secret Language

Their Secret Language

 By Marisa Bernhard

 They speak with smiles and laughter

 It resonates ubiquitously near me

 A trifecta unbroken committed to speak their words, beam their honesty, and utter their thoughts

 They clamor about with no disregard, rendering their expressions to one another but no other

 They are here; near always close by, my love for them will never die

 My demands are many I am aware; a labor of love in hopes that transcends….yes I am the outsider that is okay I listen and sigh….and happy some days

 My home filled with noise….a language of secrets that needs no rendition; it is understood they express what’s been hidden

 For so many years their words were unspoken, their smiles were unseen, their laughter forgotten, their souls were deflated, their wishes demanded.

 They remember the past they know what it’s like to speak of a language that cannot be converted with words, although understood with amusement and mirth.

 I stand on the sidelines and guard the three….
I listen and do understand because they are my family!!!!

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