February 17, 2013

Resolved Devotions

Resolved Devotions

By Marisa Bernhard

I punched the air and kicked the wind, demanding my wants.  Everything happens for a reason I am told. With clenched fists I face the world, is this how you see me? I am sorry that is wrong. I am humbled and ashamed the verity existed my prayer was answered. Gratitude I did proclaim, but acceptance was strictly denied.
I am in awe of your gift; an answered prayer devoted to me?
I understand how it works now, a gift received must be honored, graciously I said “Thank you …oh how kind.” Just like a Victorian princess serving tea!
At this time I stand here with open hands, and a full heart. I want you to see my joy. My happiness is hidden; protected not to be disturbed it hides behind fear.  My heart was broken into a million pieces, selfishly I must admit if not for one reason but for many things.
Your present I realize was meant to be – so often I ask do I deserve this. How can that be?
My heart screams out above all of Fears rants, “YES….believe, trust, it is so right!”
That is the truth; I cannot question it any longer, I will not! 
Fear will run amuck and create havoc to my emotions and yet I know my heart has a voice now since love settled in.
I survive by denying…. It is a battle of wills that I am learning to let go.
A prayer answered deserved its moment of respect – I hid it in a box with happiness, trust and love, these things should not be confined!   Yet, protected they need to be accepted and truly felt.

Thank you!

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