February 14, 2012

The Dragon And The Dragonfly

The Dragon & the Dragonfly
By Marisa Bernhard

The opposite of me is you.
You are a gentle giant.
I am a creature, fragile at first glance.
Look again and you will see my vitality.
We balance each other’s spirit!
I fly through time…
You trample over the land.
My song quick, I flutter, I take to the air,
I soar, not much to say.
Your fiery voice scorches all.
It soothes my soul.
The opposite of you is I.
I glistened by… you caught me and proclaimed an angel!
My wings wrapped around your heart.
Your eyes calmed my spirit.
Friends we became,
As one, we explored the land …
Your thoughts are my thoughts.
My fears are your fears.
Our needs are ours’.
My purpose is to take care of you.
My friend be at peace.
I hover around you, handling you with care!
I watch over you and color your dreams…
My wings flutter at your sight.
I soar all around proclaiming my love, or announcing my discontent - your gentle silence quiets my mind.
You are the dragon who found a friend and I am the dragonfly that flew into your heart!

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